external image Pillar10-History-French-Revolution-Delacroix.jpgThis Wiki allows collaboration between history students at the International School of Toulouse.

Recent Highlight
Year 13 Internal Assessments
Students are compleing their Internal Assessment using a wiki allowing their teacher to give constructive feedback at each stage of the drafting process and to spot changes that were made by comparing different drafts online.

Year 12 Induction Projects:
Each new IB History Student produces a wiki page and a YouTube video documentary on a topic of their choice.

Year 11: Virtual tour around Weimar Germany
A collaborative 'decision making adventure'.

Year 9 Balloon Debate: Who was the most important Slave Abolitionist?
Each student researches a different character and then we have a balloon debate to decide upon the most important.

Year 8 Research Projects: Who was the most important person of the Renaissance?
Each student produces a first person narrative from a key figure from the Renaissance, and then we have a "balloon debate" to decide who was the most important person overall.