logo.gifYear 12 Induction Projects

As part of our induction programme at the International School of Toulouse, Year 12 students choose a topic to research and produce a Wiki page, a Movie, and an essay.

A complete overview of how the lessons are structured can be found here.

September 2009:

The Peer Assessment Form for the PowerPoint presentations can be found here.

23F Rebellion 1981
How did the nuclear age affect international relations?
What does the zombie film genre reveal to the historian of cold war mentalities?
What was the cultural significance of Antoni Gaudi?
What was the impact of Andreas Vesalius upon the world of medicine?
What was the impact of the September 2001 attacks on New York?
What was the impact of Princess Diana upon the British monarchy?
How significant were the voyages of Christopher Columbus?
What is the historical significance of the career of Andy Warhol?
The power of the Red Wedge in Thatcher's Britain; was there any?

September 2008:

Sebastien Hagheyighi
The Iranian Revolution 1979

Harry Moxom
Changes in Policing c.1970-2000
Samuel Dennis
The Influence of the Beatles
Ariane De Graaf
Julie Heathcote-Smith
Modern Architecture
Patricia Urena-Ruiz
Spain under Franco
Christina Evans
Art of Hogarth

September 2007:

Barnett, Jack
What was the historical significance of the career of Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
De Graaf, Jacob
What were the causes and consequences of the War of Jenkins' Ear?
Guevara Fernandez, Pedro
Why did Operation Barbarossa fail?
Harold, Katherine
What was the impact of World War One upon women?
Hernando-Serrano, Ignacio
What was the contribution of Leo Strauss and Think Tanks to US policy making in the 20th Century?
Klitsch, Laura
Analyse the significance of Stalin's henchmen
Nash, Madeleine
Was the multiparty state the ideal form of government in the 20th Century?
Newman, James
Outline the causes and consequences of the Siege of Constantinople 1453
Paige, George
What were the results of the Second World War?
Walker, Stephen
What were the causes for the collapse of the Roman Empire?
Favre, Rodrigue
What were the cultural achievements of the Weimar Republic?
Kristensen, Sabine
What was the impact of World War One upon the world of Tolkein?
Smith, Melissa
How useful is the Commonwealth War Graves Database to the historian of World War One?