Evaluation of Sources (250-400 words) [Tips]

The Solid Gold burial[1] mask is a useful source as it shows the wealth of the Ancient Egyptian monarchy and the practical skills and technologies that were present at the time. It is reliable as a source as it is many thousands of years old as it was found within the tomb and is an original artefact. However the Mask will most certainly not be representational of the wealth of the entire Egyptian Era or of any other Pharaohs tombs as very little was left in other tombs to compare the wealth of the treasures. The actual photograph of the mask should be reliable as it was found on the BBC website, and presumably taken by a BBC photographer as there is nothing to suggest other wise, as the BBC is recognised as being an independently-run public service.
The book ‘The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen’ by Howard Carter[2] is a very useful source as it was written in 1923, the year after the major discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb, by Howard Carter himself who led the expedition. The book is a reliable source because it was written so soon after the discovery that it gave little time for any details to be missed out accidentally. However the source could be unreliable because Howard Carter could have missed or changed details such as the location of the entrance or sequences of events to suit his circumstances or he could have been paid to miss something out as there were many extremely valuable objects in the tomb and there were over three thousand artefacts removed from the tomb to be recorded.

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[2] by Howard Carter and A. C. Mace; with a new introd. by Jon Manchip White (1977). The discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. New York: Dover Publications (ISBN: 0486235009).