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It’s the 21st of April 1930, and you walk to the cinema as you have heard of the releasing of a new war film called All Quiet in the Western Front. You buy your ticked and on the way to the movie, you wait on the queue to buy a big bucket of salty popcorn and a good Coke. You then arrive and sit comfortably on one of the chairs.

You quickly are set into the story, the year must be around 1914/1915, and WWI just began. We found ourselves in a German class with students which are about to graduate and can’t wait to enlist themselves to help their motherland. The story focuses on Paul and his friends. When they enlist, they follow hard and harsh training from a hated training officer called Himmeltoss.

Later on when they finish their training, they are told that they’re going up the front. When they arrive, they are surround it by chaos, shell bombing everywhere, horses pulling on wagons, rain and wounded soldiers. They join a company of older men, and they are hungry as they haven’t eaten since breakfast, but their company hadn’t eaten in two days. Later on, an older soldier Katczinsky(kind of Paul’s and the others mentor)arrives with food.
After you see how they go on night duty and how horrible the experience is. Unfortunately one of the soldiers is killed. Kemmerich, a soldier unknown of this goes to search him and when he comes back, he comes with a corpse. Later on in the trenches we get to see a real panorama of what war was like on men, you can see some playing cards and smoking…but others are nervous and scared and crying about the shelling. Kemmerich is suffers a breakdown and runs out where he gets wounded.

After this, you get to see how horrible war is out of the trenches, soldiers getting killed by shells, bayonets or machine gun fire, you see how dirty and damp everything is. After battle, the soldiers go back to the trenches (well the ones that survived). Later on, Paul and his friends go and visit Kemmerich who sadly died of pain and depression. Mueller (one of his friends) gets his boots and he’s later killed. In that scene Paul finds himself in a shell hole where he stabs a French soldier with a bayonet. He then realizes that the enemy soldiers are people too, he talks to him and tries to keep him alive, but sadly the French soldier dies. Later on Paul gets wounded.
He goes to a Catholic hospital with a friend called Kropp. He recovers but Kropp is in agony. Before returning to the front, he goes back home where he finds the ignorance of people about war.

When he arrives to the front he finds that Kat has been wounded and Paul carries him to the hospital, but Kat is killed from a shell in the middle of the journey. We see at the end, Paul(the only one alive) in the trenches, as a veteran in the trenches as the attack is going to start, he finds a beautiful butterfly and he wants to draw it, so he stands from his crouch position and unfortunately gets shot by a sniper.